Most traditional jobs require you to go to college, study for at least 3-4 years then figure out how to navigate the job market. While there’s a lot of…
Ace the Interview So all the hard work on your portfolio, case studies, and project briefs paid off — you’re getting the recognition you deserve from…
Good visuals are crucial for building products people want to use; here's how to get them right
How repetition makes you a better designer There’s this famous story of a high school teacher experimenting with how we learn things. He divided his…

April 2021

Get acquainted with the terminology, and explore the paid and free resources that can boost your progress in building your profile and body of work.
Understand how UX & UI skills differ from and complement one another as a part of the design process, and what specializing means for your career
"Years of experience" is a proxy for the actual skills you can build with intention to further your design career
Tell your story, showcase your personality, and hit the points employers are looking for

March 2021

Futureproof your career by leading collaborative working sessions with your team
Know your audience and learn what matters to them
Breaking down large redesign projects Hey all, Allan here: I recently found this thread on Reddit asking for help on creating a process proposal after a…
Keep your eyes on the prize and accept failure as a cost of admission